Best Methods Of Facial Hair Removal For Women

While facial hair can look sexy and interesting on men, it just is not the same for women. Facial hair is considered a masculine feature, so women with facial hair may end up feeling unfeminine and ashamed. However, women with facial hair need not feel resigned to it, as there are options for dealing with it. If you are a woman with facial hair, do not worry, there are many methods for facial hair removal.

You certainly do not want to shave your facial hair, as it will just grow back in, itchy and stubbly, and need to be shaved very often to avoid the five o’clock shadow look. Plucking works fine if you just have a few stray hairs here and there, but for more than a few hairs, you need something a bit stronger. Many women wax away unwanted hair on their bodies.

Waxing is an effective and efficient way to go, but it is also a quite painful method and not great for those with sensitive skin. If you want the effects of waxing without the pain, you can try using a cream, which works without pain. Brands such as Nair sell creams formulated specifically for the delicate skin on the face, and instead of pulling the hair out from the roots, like in waxing, the cream uses chemicals to dissolve the hair follicles.

Of course, epilators are another great (though expensive) option for hair removal. Epilators are devices that use many small tweezers to remove hair. While that may sound painful, they are built with features that help lessen the pain so in the end, they are really quite gentle. And while the removal is only temporary, the follicles will grow back finer than before.

However, if you really need to get rid of the hair for a long time, getting laser hair removal is your best bet. Done by professionals, this service gets rid of the hair long term. While you need to go in for multiple sessions and may need a touch-up eventually, this is still the best and longest lasing method for facial hair removal for women. So do not let your facial hair get you down; just get rid of it!

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