5 Common Symptoms of Candida

CandidaSymptoms of Candida range from the common and unmistakable to the infrequent and harder to diagnose.  Candida is an infected vagina caused by the overgrowth of the fungus, Candida.  It’s more commonly called a yeast infection, and up to 75% of women will experience one at some point during their life.  The following five symptoms are some things to look for if you think you might be suffering from a Candida infection.

Unusual discharge
One of the symptoms of Candida is unusual discharge.  This is probably the most obvious symptom and the one that women notice first.  All infections produce some kind of discharge that’s different from its usual state.  With a Candida infection, the discharge will be white and thick, with a texture similar to cottage these.  It’s easy to distinguish from normal discharge.  This is what most doctors look for to diagnose Candida.

Bad Vaginal Odor
A bad vaginal odor coming from the vagina is a sign of infection in most cases.  Some infections lead to a smelly vagina, like the fishy scent of bacterial vaginosis.  Candida has no particular smell, but any bad vaginal odor should be noted, especially if it appears along with other symptoms.

Itching is an irritation symptom that appears with many types of infections.  As one of the symptoms of Candida, itching can appear at any time during the infection but is especially common at the onset and during healing.  Scratching the itch will often make it worse and can spread the infection to other areas of your body, so it’s best to leave it alone.  The itching won’t completely go away until the infection is healed, but soothing ointments like aloe vera gel can help soothe the sensation.

Burning during urination
This is another type of irritation symptom.  Urination can be uncomfortable when there’s a problem with the vagina.  Candida infections may not always have this symptom, and this symptom alone doesn’t indicate Candida.  It is, however, something to keep a close eye on if you notice it.

Painful intercourse
Pain during intercourse can be one of the symptoms of Candida.  The friction that happens during sex can cause further trauma to the already irritated and sensitive vagina.   It can be hard to tell whether painful intercourse is really a symptom, though.  The troublesome thing about Candida infections is that the symptoms manifest differently in everyone.  Some women may have all five of these symptoms, while others may have none.  If you notice any kind of vaginal changes the best thing to do is see a doctor.

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